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Supporting Systems 

Purpose of the Strategy
The purpose of this strategy is to provide leadership and direction on operational issues for the whole company and to ensure that all our operations and that the company as whole performs to the expectation of both our CUSTOMERS and INVESTORS, and meets and addresses their needs.


We have established strategic business relationship with other businesses in our industry. We train our staff regularly, in all our operations management strategy, we have created a database of alternative staff (skeleton staff) for when/if such need arise, we will bring them on board, we stretch our staff when the need arise for that particular time, we have uniform and nametags, in which all our staff members are always identified with.


The Operations Strategy applies to the company as whole and/or to all our operations and to the company as a whole, notwithstanding different and specific operations requirement/s that may prevail in that specific operations, however that specific requirement/ is or are performed with the permission of the Business Unit’s Operations Manager and or the Group Chief Operations officer and at times with the relevant authorities.


All our Staff members’ attends training based on their positions and or targets and or personnel development. The trainings are run by qualified trainers. The trainings include     Financial Management, Basic Business Management, Leadership Skills, Employee’s and Employers’ obligation, Country applicable Labour Law, Relevant Sales, Brand and Marketing Strategy and (we ask for contributions on the strategy from staff members’) Time Management, Customer relationship and retention, Work Place conflict management.


All our outlets have Finger Print Recording Machines. These machines records the time one starts, ups and downs, and finishing time, each time a staff go somewhere s/he must record out and do the same upon coming back.  






At the core of our strength is our:

  • - Good Marketing Strategy
  • - Value for Money Services
  • - Good Customer Services
  • - Our Hygienic Chemists