Office 204, IBG Business Park, Cnr 6th and New Road Midridge Park





Zenzo Trading and Projects (Pty) Ltd was founded by Mr. Siphelele Madikizela who is the sole director of the company in 2014, with an aim to make a mark professionally in the accounting sector as the most innovative and quality obsessed company in South Africa and the entire continent.


This creative structure was created to provide niche and relevant chartered accounting services to ensure corporate identity for small and medium enterprises to finally make a mark in the services and products market, by combining proper modern marketing strategies, a step by step management consulting development strategies that are as in accordance with QMS regulations, safety and regulated accounting standards, and as well as general market supply on demands such as, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, and many more other empirical aspects in the auditing, and Problem Solving Consultancy Abilities.


Our solutions are well-thought-outside the box financial architects, the true Goal Draughtsman, and as well as clear and cohesive path paving Auditing Experts. They are a true reflection of market survey instruments, who swot the Market's Strengths and Weaknesses with determination; from Market Value Circulation, Consumer Spending, Micro & Macro Environment Analysts, Proper Guidance to Structural Development and Planning, and
many more Advanced Corporate Consultancy Work that promotes a Culture of Perfection in the industry through proper application of Safety Standards.


The director's quest and passion for creativity/excellence was motivation enough to establish a formal business that will fuse his professional flair to conceptualise and create a solid dynamism that comes with a huge clientele built from many years of experience in the industry.




We provide niche, tailored and value-adding services to ordinary people, small, medium & large enterprises that meet their needs.




We envision a world where humanity's passion is re-ignited to drive inclusive development, growth and productivity for a better economy for all.





A tendency of each group to take for granted the superiority of its own corporate culture.




An organised cluster of folkways and mores centered around a major corporate activity; organised system of corporate relationships which embodies certain common values and procedures and meets certain basic needs of the market..




This term means: The customary, normal, habitual behavior and the characteristics of the members of the corporation.




This word means: Strong ideas of right and wrong which requires certain actions and forbid others.


As a chartered accounting firm the health of clients and of the general public is of paramount importance and a high priority. To ensure that we observe health in all our business operations and production process. We take all possible measures to ensure that all our operations are safe and conducive for human interaction.