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At ZENZO we are committed to giving back to our community.  We realise that we cannot exist in isolation from our environment and the community that we work in. We are, and have been, involved with a various number of organisations.   Either through giving donations, taking part in fundraising activities or through the provision of financial advice and services.


This programme is a vehicle that is used to arrange 2 year internship opportunities and Job-Shop workshops support for all unemployed graduates in SA, and to also partner with top CEOs of big companies, to peak a graduate of their choice from our database for a 1year business mentorship program.


Is a programme  that supports  the public schools and community libraries with books, and the aim is to develop the culture of reading to children in the SA communities for a better tomorrow. Reading develops a strong and a better perspective to learners, it assist them to better plan their lives and a clear understanding of what they want to become when they grow up.

This sector will be driven by retired teachers as volunteers, working in line with the Department of Education’s policies standards.


It’s a programme that is aimed at ensuring that all public schools have functional computer laboratories, more especially those in the rural areas; the support also includes computer training & repairs.  We also build websites for Government schools to maintain a better communication between the parents and the general community at large. We will use the services of the unemployed graduate who have studied IT as a way to polish their skills whilst we organise internships for them.


We donate food and cloths & blankets  to children from poor communities all over the country, and to make sure that there is continuous sustainable structures to constantly cater for the need even long after we have moved on to assisting other communities.